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My Angel Home-use Fetal Doppler

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TX268 and My angel Fetal Doppler Features:
1 Large color LCD screen, clear data display.
2 High quality output, loud and clear sound.
3 Instantaneous and average FHR display in the same screen
4 FHR limit alarming function.
5 Battery Indicator :charge/power full/power shortage .
6 Automatically power off at setting time
7 Compatible with rechargeable and dry battery .
8 Advanced DSP technology, accurate measurement.
9 Software can be updated and USB can be used to upload data (Optional).
Technical parameter:
 1 Ultrasonic working frequency: 3.0MHz, 2.5MHz or 2.0MHz transducer(optional), deviation of standard working frequency  ≤ ±10%.
2 Intensity of ultrasonic output: ≤5m W/
3 Overall sensitivity:>100db.
4 FHR measurement range:≥40-210bpm
5 FHR measurement accuracy: ≤±10%.
6 Power: 4.5V, three AAA dry batteries(standard model).
7 Continuous working time: rechargeable battery≥4 hours; dry battery≥1 hour.
8 Working temperature: 5℃-40℃.
9 Relative humidity : 30%-80%.
10 Atmosphere pressure range:70kpa-106kpa.
11Package dimension : 14.5*8*3cm
12 Gross weight : 0.5kg

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