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TY-12A/B Multi-parameter Patient Monitor

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Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor(TY-12A/B  TY-15)
Bigger Screen  Higher Resolution  Reflect Details More Clearly
1 12/15" color TFT screen with seven/twelve lead ECG display,helpful for heart disease diagnosis
2 Digital blood oxygen monitoring designed with performance of super resistance movement and resistance to weak perfusion
3 Networking function with random host setting,easy to view other monitoring data
4 Long-time ECG waveform playback .
5 Integrated with pulse modulating sound function and the nurse call system
6 Built-in environmental and energy -saving lithium battery.,convenient for the HCP to transport patient under monitoring.
7 External memory card interface easy to store patient history data .
8 Unique light keyboard, convenient to operate at night

Technical parameters:
Comply with IE60601 clan related standards (equivalent GB9706 standard) and fully meet laws and regulations, and international and domestic relevant standards
Machine  dimension
366mm(w) x 330mm(H) x 162mm(D)
Electrical specifications
AC:100~240V  AC50Hz/60Hz
DC:(Built-in battery):>3 hours
Alarming specification:
With upper-lower limit alarming function and acousto-optic double multistage alarming function.
ECG specification:
Lead choice : 3 /5 leads for automatic selection ,optional 12 leads.
Display mode : 7/12 leads display on the same screen.
Display waveform Number :1-12 waves
Gain : 6 classes of gain can be adjustable .
Scanning speed :12.5mm/s,25mm/s,50mm/s.
Protection :isolation from breakdown voltage4000VAC/50Hz.  Resistence to defibrillation 、high-frequency electrotome、AC、 muscle electricity and drift interference.
Calibration signal :1mV±5%.
Electrode falling off indication : automatic identification and hints.
With arrhythmia analysis, ST segment analysis, pacing analysis, arrhythmia storage, review and print it out functions
Heartrate measuring Range :10~350 times.
Heartrate alarming : yes .
ECG cascade Function.
Noninvasive blood pressure specifications
Measuring method : Oscillation.
Working Mode :single(manual) ,crystal (automatic),speed up(continuous) ,automatically measuring time : can be set-up.
Measuring parameters : systolic pressure, diastolic pressure,mean pressure and pulse rate.
Measuring mode : Adult / children / neonate.
Unit :mmHg / Kpa.
Blood pressure piecewise measuring technology and over-voltage protection function.
Alarming : yes .
Recorder   Full extended interface function   super alarming light   storage card        Multi-parameter Monitor.

SPO2  Specifications
Sensor Type : Double long light emitting diode, digital blood oxygen, resistence to movement and weak perfusion .
Alarming: yes.
Pulse rate measuring : yes , pulse modulation sound .
SPO2 measuring range :0~100%.
Resolution :1%.
Temperature specifications .
Types : single/ double (optional ).
Unit: celsius /fahrenheit.
Range and Accuracy :0~50℃,±0.1℃.
Alarming : yes .
Respiration Specifications
Way : resistance
Display : wave,respiration rate .
Measuring range :0~150 times/ minute
Alarming : yes .
Suffocation Alarming : yes .
 Built-in Recorder
3 word thermal array recorder
Resolution :8 /mm.
Central machine interface : ether net
Wire , wireless (optional).
Weight : 5.5KG
Dimension :40.5*28.5*36.5 (cm)


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