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Guangzhou Chenhao Medical Device Co., Ltd . we combine in R&D, production, marketing and aftersales -service together . We inherit the advanced technology of perinatal- care center founded in 1982 with Taishan Medical College . as well the humanistic philosophy of always focusing on clinical. In order to realize the perfect combination of R & D, production and clinical , achieve greater social and economic value on fetal monitoring. we hosted the "fetal monitoring national continuing education courses with Taishan Medical Colleage To be bigger and stronger ,expand our reputation both domestic and oversea , we established Chenhao Medical Device Co., Ltd in 2010. Fully relying on the local developed economy & reform and the powerful open-up frontier advantages ,we expand radiating and influence. We develop a series of multi-parameter monitor.Moreover, We establish our branch office in Tai'an Shandong for China -North Area after-sales service . In fact, we explore the domestic and foreign markets together . By the end of 2015, Guangzhou Chenhao Medical Device Co.LTD has ushered in a totally new development platform and opportunity with the cooperation of Da An Gene Co., Ltd.of Sun Yat-sen University Holding our most-matched clinical high-tech products ,the sound service system, Guangzhou Chenhao Medical Device Co.LTD widely extend sales channels for growing, and make greater contribution for the human health. Truly realize to be the Group of Companies with own national brands through the management and production. Major product categories:Fetal Doppler,Fetal &Maternal Monitor,Multi-Para Patient Monitor, Postpartum Healing Instrument , Maternal Fetal Central Monitoring System, Infrared Breast Tester, Colposcopy, Endoscope Tester,OEM ODM service Address: Room 402,Building J,No.2,Jing Ye San Street, Yu Shu Industrial Park,Technology City,New And High -Tech Industrial Development Zone,Guangzhou MOB: +86 18620014177 Tel: +8620-26293296 Fax: +8620-26273122 Postcode: 510420

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